London Women's Summit

In case you missed it, Melissa delivered a powerful TedTalk style speech on the 'How Leaders Foster an Inclusive Culture'. This event was live streamed globally and is now available on YouTube.


Postponed Due to COVID-19 - March 31st, 2020 - US RegTech Forum

Welcome to the most senior-level gathering of RegTech leaders in the US. Based on demand from our network of senior compliance, risk and information security leaders in the US
we are bringing the largest RegTech event in the world to New York!

Melissa will be speaking on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection panel at 2:30 pm EST.

Discussion Points:

• From the enactment of Dodd-Frank in 2010, and a period of real-world experience what regulations are now not working and need to be re-evaluated?

• What does this update mean for financial institutions and RegTech companies?

• Next year is an election year. The election results could mean either deregulation or increased regulations. What would either outcome mean for the industry?

• How can firms take advantage of this moderate regulatory relief?

Postponed Due to COVID-19 - May 6th - 7th - COMPLY 2020

Melissa will be a guest speaker at COMPLY2020, the biggest Compliance, Risk and RegTech Conference in the US.

Postponed Due to COVID-19 - May 20th - 21st - FinTech Connect Toronto 2020

Melissa will be speaking in two panel discussions around RegTech, Cybersecurity, AI and data governance.

First Panel Discussion held May 20, 2020 4:00 PM EST on the Technical stage:

Public vs private blockchain – Is interoperability the way forwards?

Second Panel Discussion held May 21, 2020 10:10 AM EST on the Technical stage:

Innovation vs regulation – Who wins out?

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Past Event - October 24th - 25th: Women in Tech East Coast

At this sold out event, Melissa will be speaking on the future of Regulatory Technology.

Agenda: Understanding the future of banking technology regulation and the impact to our industry. How banks will be required to respond with increased regulation in cybersecurity and evolving technology; is technology moving too fast for regulation to keep up? The RegTech sector works to reduce financial risk, increase regulatory compliance and stamp out laundering and fraud — all of which contribute to an estimated $2 trillion yearly loss for the global economy. Will RegTech cement itself as its own major industry? What are the impacts of GDPR on the East Coast for international organizations?

Key takeaways include:

- Understand the new role of regulatory technology

- Understand the shifting focus from transaction monitoring and records retention to data protection

- Listen to new perspectives on the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency

Past Event - June 6, 2019: Women in Finance Summit

​The City & Financial Global organization, partnered with Women in Banking and Finance Association, will be hosting their 3rd edition of the annual Women in Finance Summit in central London on the 6th of June 2019. Melissa will be delivering a key note presentation the topic she is most passionate about: 'Incentivizing an Inclusive Company Culture'.

“… Championing women in Finance is a core part of my mandate and something I am committed to, as a Minister, an MP, and as a man. Progress will be really made when the conversation no longer has to be had… when a diverse workforce is so inherent in corporate culture that it is taken as given… and gender balance is seen as nothing less than a minimum standard of every organisation" - John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the HM Treasury & City Minister



Past Event - June 26, 2019: Women in Finance Summit & Awards Dinner

The Bonhill Group is pleased to announce the launch of the Women in Finance Summit on 26 June at Grosvenor House, London. Building and expanding on the success of the Women in Finance Awards series, which in 2018 celebrated the achievements of over 220 of the best female finance professionals, the Summit is designed to support professional development, foster new connections, opportunities and partnerships within the finance industry.

Along with practical sessions, discussions and debates from thought leaders and inspirational role models within the finance industry, the Summit will encourage interaction between its 150 participants, building a community where networking will happen long after the Summit has ended.

Melissa will be hosting a 20 minute discussion within the Leadership stream on 'Incentivizing an Inclusive Company Culture' and the impact men can have in the workplace to foster a strong company culture that organically encourages diversity in thought.


Past Event - June 8, 2019: Wonder Women Tech London International Conference  

Melissa will be speaking on the highly regarded FinTech panel at the Wonder Women Tech 2019 London International Conference hosted at the Ministry of Justice! More details on this speaking engagement to follow but in the meantime, please check out the details of this amazing event below!

Past Event - May 1, 2019: Wonder Women Tech Global Summit

I am so pleased to have been part of the Wonder Women Tech 2019 Global Summit. It was incredible to see all the innovations and perspectives from my fellow industry leaders. Supporting one another is imperative to our success. The Summit brought great thought leaders together, and truly fostered an encouraging and empowering feel geared towards building long standing relationships. Well done Wonder Women!

Speaking on a panel with Céline Ho, CFA and Dale Nirvani Pfeifer on the Future of Digital Currency, even as the ‘bad cop’, led to an incredible on stage discussion. Karene Richards amazing preparation of our agenda aside, Dale is no light opponent. As if her creation of GoodWorld was not validation enough, she certainly knows her stuff in the Social Media and Digital payments space. Céline was a welcomed sight for me on stage supporting our regulatory views on the road blocks we face in our ability to move to a completely digital payment world in the near future. I’m honored to have shared a stage with them.

Past Event Event - May 14-15, 2019: 8th Annual Risk Americas Conference

I asked all the men in the room to stand. While standing, I had the men look around the room. I reminded them that these women are friends and colleagues. I reminded them that according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, in the US, 1 in every 3 women will experience some form of contact sexual violence in their lifetime.

I then asked the men how they felt about being asked to stand. Targeted, I asked. A little uncomfortable? One man called out "Bad". I asked the men by a show of hands, how many of them think twice these days before inviting female colleagues for drinks?

All of them, raised their hand.

I told the room as many as 10% of sexual assaults are falsely reported; and as we saw a few minutes ago, men are afraid.

The #MeToo movement has done an incredible job at bringing awareness to the gravity and unacceptable frequency of sexual violence. The victims of sexual assault are extraordinarily strong and I am grateful to be alive in a time where woman are encouraged to come forward.

There is no part of me that disagrees that the time for change is now and each one of you, make change. The collective power of our voices, victims and supportive leaders together, is resounding. Together, we make hope.

Workplace inclusive cultural means inclusion for all, not just one group at a single given time. As leaders, we need to push towards a culture of ethical accountability; a standard that we are all held to.

Initial feedback was that this speech was "powerful" and "incredibly moving". I have some tweaks to make before London, but thank you to all who listened!

Past Event - April 2-3, 2019: CEFPro 2019 X-Tech Conference

Moving from the theory to practice – by the industry, to the industry.

April 2-3, 2019, Melissa Murphy delivered a powerful keynote speech and hosted a round table debate on the importance of gender diversity. Representing Women in Financial Technology at the 2019 X-Tech Financial Services and Technology Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Melissa spoke and hosted an interactive session on major issues for women and diversity within the banking industry. 

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*New* Publication - Risk Americas Interview

Check out Melissa's latest interview at the 2019 Risk Americas Conference

Melissa answers questions such as:

How have you become a leader in Regulatory Technology?

Do you have any valuable lessons learned for rising women and leaders in technology?

What do you think the future holds for digital currency and regulatory policy?

Do you believe the industry and government policy is on track for where the future is going?

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Past Publication - January 2019: Risk Insights Magazine

Melissa was featured in the 10th edition of Risk Insights Magazine, which was published in January 2019! Click below to read all about her insightful piece.

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Past Publication - 2014 Career Outcomes Report

Melissa was on the cover of the Stevens Institute of Technology 2014 Career Outcomes Report


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