Her Story

Melissa is an experience senior leader and public speaker with a demonstrated history in the banking industry. Upon graduating from Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s of Science in Quantitative Finance, Melissa began her career at the Investment Bank in J.P. Morgan. It was when she moved to Citibank working on global regulation implementation that Melissa transitioned into the Regulatory space. Now overseeing the U.S. Regulatory Technology group at Scotiabank, the team is responsible for overseeing implementations, responses and regulatory compliance for U.S. Technology to all U.S. Regulators for Scotiabank.

As a woman of Irish and Syrian decent, Melissa has always had a passion diversity, culture and the pursuit of justice. In university she began to experience the impact of the lack of diversity and unconscious bias. Although felt, the magnitude of the problem was not truly understood until she began her career in banking.

As a young, female senior leader in FinTech, Melissa has been able to dissect several banking and consulting organizations to discern that the problem is not diversity, but culture. A fervent advocate for change, Melissa’s mission is to correctly balance the incentive structure of our industry and educate our leaders on how to create an organic culture of inclusion where each person has the fair opportunity to thrive. Whether in the Regulatory or the D&I space, she constantly pushes the envelope of her fellow leaders and executives to evolve. ​

Melissa is an active board member for the Center for Financial Professionals and several privately owned businesses. Some of her passions include running, reading, giving back to the community, teaching Sunday School at her local church (the 2-5 age group) and spending time with her dog, Bentley. Melissa is looking forward to continuing her education in 2020.


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